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    WPS Finger Throttle on a 98 XPL??

    I installed a WPS finger throttle on my 98 XPL and after installation I was checking to see if i am achieving WOT and it seems to be a little short of getting there. I saw a thread on here in the how to section and attempted to duplicate the modification with some wood inserted in the gap to see if it would work. It did not seem to help much. Is there something I am missing or another trick to achieve WOT with the addition of a finger throttle.


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    It is a bit of a trick...but you can doo it. You have to completely take all the slack out of the throttle cable (at the carbs) where it idles by throttle tension. Then you will get WOT. I did this on my 2000 XP, works fine witout any..."wood."

    They designed the finger throttle without taking into consideration the range of motion compared to the stocker. Poor engineering...IMO.

    Love the throttle though...

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    That was my next idea was to try to adjust all the slack out to see where that would get me. I learned when I was a kid on dirt bikes if you adjust all the slack out and you trun the handle bars it opens the throttle up and you hit a fence.


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    I just installed one on my need to loosen the adjuster nut at the carbs and take the slack out there. I did that and my carbs open all the way up perfectly. You'll need to use a mirror in there while your adjusting to make sure your getting the full open on them.

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