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    2001 slx battery and electrical mounting questions. Need battery and ebox pic.

    I bought two slx's one had no spark so I finally pulled the cdi from the running one and found I did have a bad cdi but my problem is that both ski's came with lawn mower batteries ,yes lawn mower batteries with just the electrical boxes laying and flopping around on them. Since these are my first Polaris's I don't know how these things mounted. looks like the e-box mounted on top of the battery? Or did the ebox mount beside the battery? I don't know they had these stupid lawn mower batteries in both when I got them. They parts fiche is no help to me and I don't have a manual. Could someone post a pic or tell me how these things mount?

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    AGM battaries are a must for these red engines skis, they require atleast 10.6 Volts while cranking, and only AGM battaries are reliable enough for these skis. as far as mounting goes, the electrical box mounts ontop of the battery with rubber straps wrapping around it all. there should be a plastic spacer between the battery and the electrical box.

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