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    Riva SCOM issues....

    Bought the RIVA SCOM. I was all excited to try it out yesterday. I went to install it, smooth sailing until I went to install the pin in the ECU connector. It felt like it seated, so I tried to lock the connector terminals... It wouldn't lock, so I fully unlocked it again, pulled back on the wire a little to try to re-seat the pin...The GD wire CAME OUT OF THE PIN, WITH THE PIN STUCK IN THE ECU CONNECTOR! Luckily I was able to find something to push it out of the connector without damaging it. Not that big of a deal, but I hate buying BRAND NEW fucking parts, only to have to send them back, or have to repair them. The frustration of the aftermarket world at it's finest.....LOL.
    Riva is sending me a new pin though. No big deal. Apparently they have had this happen a couple times now. Thankfully Riva's tech support was very helpful and already have a new pin on the way to me. I really can't ask for anything else

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