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    780 SLT Help - Coolant Lines and Bilge

    New here but been around PWC all my life. I have been given a 780 SLT, I believe it is a 1995 or 1996. It runs and works however the hull fills with water quick and the owner would rather buy new then fix this one. I have looked at it and found the two problems:
    1. The bilge does not work anymore so what is a good replacement bilge and how goes it turn on and off? Switch or sensor?
    2. There is a pretty big crack in the coolant line that runs from the back of the ski to the exhaust (right after the manifold). Does anybody know the diameter of this line and length?

    I don't have the ski yet however want to bring some parts to the lake (5 hours away) to try everything out.

    Thanks for info in advance.

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    24 sells the bilges, can't remember the spec though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stimpsonjcat View Post sells the bilges, can't remember the spec though.
    Rule brand bilge pump, either 360 gph or 500 gph version. No other brand, Rule only.

    I have posted the exact Rule model number somewhere on here, a long time ago.

    No automatic feature needed within the bilge pump, just a simple power on = pump runs. The electrical box (LR module) in the Polaris will control the bilge pump automatically.

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