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    2000 SLX Accel pump and/or jets

    Just picked up a 2000 SLX and after rebuilding the carbs it runs great with the exception of the accel pump not working properly. Of course the kits are no longer available. I have been told to just increase the low jet but not sure where which jet it has now so I know what size to go to.

    Does anyone have suggestions on either the accel kit or what jets to go to?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Anyone know what size the pilot (or idle) jets are on a 2000 SLX 1200?

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    I think the pilots are 65s. Did you open the accel pump and have a look? Sometimes it just needs to be primed.

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    Actually after my last post I found them on one of the carb part catalog sheets. The low is 42, mid is 70 and the high ranges from 135-142 depending on cylinder.

    Yes I have opened up the pump (several times LOL) and made sure everything is clean, the ball valve moves, spring is free and the diaphragm moves.

    I cannot determine if the diaphragm has a hole pin hole or not.

    As for priming, I did manually push the actuator many times with no luck. Should I put fuel in the cover and then close it up? Is there a better way to get fuel into the pump manually?

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    Well I tried priming first by moving the plunger which did not work. Next pulled a vacuum through the lines fed by the pump and could not get fuel to come through.

    Any other suggestions?

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    With the engine running take a flat blade screwdriver or a butter knife and depress the plunger on the acc pump all the way down. It should prime that way.

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    Thanks Mr.

    I found the problem. Even though the diaphragm looked good while installed, when I finally pulled it out last night I held it up to the light and your could see light through the fine cloth/nylon mesh that holds the rubber portion together. I took the plunger from my SLTX carbs and got it to work. Only thing I forgot to check is the shaft length on the plunger. I think I read where the earlier versions were slightly shorter than the 1999 and up version so I may have to address that.

    It seems like you should be able to get a piece of rubber to replace the old diaphragm rubber. Worth a shot anyway.

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    Well had a chance to take the SLX out this weekend to see if the accelerator pump was fixed and I can definitely say YES. This thing will scream.

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