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    97 GTX Speed Wheel Replacement

    I purchased a replacement wheel for the speed sensor on my 97 gtx but I am a little confused as to how this gets replaced. The one that's currently installed has "rivet" style ends on the pin that slides through the paddle holding it in place. It looks like the only way to remove it is by destroy the ends or the bar/pin itself?

    My replacement paddle came with a pin & paddle but nothing on the ends to hold the replacement in place.


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    Any ideas? I cant find anything online and the place that sold me the parts haven't answered their phone. I don't see how to replace this unit with cutting off the rivet/bar holding it in place. Then once I do that nothing keeps the bar from sliding out either side. Its not like a threaded bar with nuts on the end it looks like rivet ends.


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    disregard, I got a response and was informed they are push rivets and cannot be reused. Ill use black rtv to hold the replacement pin in place. Perhaps some jb plastic weld as I have some of that as well.

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    Usually they come with the wheel but are stuck to the magnets on the wheel

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