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    2000 GP1200R lost 200 rpm, High pitch noise?

    There is a sort of high-pitch whine or hum that seems to come from the ski and grows louder and higher pitched as I rev up. I've lost about 200rpms from just a couple days ago. The plugs all look fine and are a good color. I've also lost a few mph. I've read that this could be the pump bearings, but could that cause decreased RPM?

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    UPDATE: I've pullled off the pump. The bearing makes a small amount of noise when I spin it. I don't recall it doing this before. It doesn't sound horrible but its not silent either. The ski also runs "queiter" out of the water with the pump removed. There was no water under the cone but it seemed like it could have had more oil in it when I tipped it out. Have I found my problem?
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    The pump should be silent when you turn it by hand. You may have found your problem. Have you tried to run it with the pump out?

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    Yea, I ran it with the pump out for a few seconds. It did seem quieter much less of a rattling noise. So your saying that the shaft should turn completely silently on the rear bearing? Mine definitely doesn't. The visible bearings didn't look too bad though. No water intrusion and it still had what looks like a black grease/oil mixture in it.

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