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    Full throttle bogging

    I have a WRA700S, Yamaha Waverunner 3GP

    been struggling with throttle bogging since a carburetor rebuild done in July. Before the rebuild I couldn't get full throttle, more than 3/4 Throttle made 0 difference in speed. It also would sputter if I mashed the throttle out of the hole.

    I discovered the inside of the carburetor was pretty badly corroded, so I cleaned it carefully, ordered a rebuild kit, and rebuilt it. Now I am a bit stuck with a throttle issue, it fires up and idles beautifully, the sputtering issue is gone as well, however, now I am stuck with what feels like a "lowered rev limiter" If I mash the throttle it will rev then hit a wall, and I can hear the motor trying to pull in air, but not revving any higher. I made a short video of what its doing, although its on land and the ski doesn't have a flush kit so I don't want to run it particularly long.

    Any thoughts? My only thought is the pop off pressure, the new kit came with springs, but none matched the colors in the guide from Mikuni, so I went by length, I already ordered a replacement 115g spring straight from Yamaha just to ensure I am not using the wrong spring, but I have switched 2 out of the 4 I have, none of which changing my results.

    Any guidance would be well appreciated.

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    Have you done anything with the fuel pump? It might not supplying enough fuel pressure at WOT. I've seen the diaphragms and check valve get hard with age.

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    carb went through a full rebuild, all diaphragms have been replaced with new ones.

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