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    No start

    I'm am having a problem with my 2005 R12X, at first the dash would light up but it would not start, no turn over and no clicking, then I checked the fuses which were all good and now the dash would even light up, checked the battery and its fine, does anybody have any suggestions, main relay maybe?

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    Fits the bill main relay should be a culprit

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    Well it's not the main relay, just put a new one in and still not getting any power, I chased the ground and all others wires and everything seems fine, any other suggestions.

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    If meter lights up check the back left corner of the Jetski where there is two jumper boxes in the wiring harness. It is supposed to bring power to that box then distribute it to the relay. All I had to do is bend some of the jumpers so it makes contact.

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    Not exactly sure what jumpers you are talking about, do you have a picture or diagram of them?

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