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    FXSHO Wont Start (no fuel)

    Helping a mate out trying to get his fxsho started which was standing for about a year.

    There's no fuel coming out of the injectors when cranking. Tested injector rail on my fxho to eliminate that. Fuel in tank and pump working.

    It does display a 115 error on the dash which according to my fxho manual is a throttle body error (is that code same for fxsho?)

    Fxsho throttle body not easy to get too, unlike fxho. Anybody offer an input Before i start taking inlet to bits?

    Would the throttle body failure prevent fuel flow?

    Anyone know where I can download the service manual ?

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    The fuel sock on bottom of fuel pump may be clogged up

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    It won't start if throttle body is stuck or ecu detects the throttle is open

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    Cheers Joey

    I removed the throttle body and sure enough it was stuck. Probably due to lack of use.

    Had no choice but to dismantle the throttle, removing the plastic cover. Had to remove the centre cog, but didn't remove butterfly. Managed to get it moving working it backwards and forwards with freeing oil. Left it to soak in oil overnight and will have another go tomorrow.

    I know it recommends not dismantling but I had nothing to loose. Worse case I have to replace unit.

    Was careful to mark cogs and hope I put it back in exactly the same place.

    Anyone know anything about the throttle body? I know its got a motor and I think position sensor.
    Can these be tested on the bench?

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    Update - reassembled throttle body and refit everything. Now starting fine.

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