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    1996 Polaris SLT780 floods at idle

    I picked up a 96 Polaris SLT780. Cleaned the carbs and changed the battery. I'm trying to tune the carbs but I am still having a problem. It is ideling at 2000 rpms but when I go to take off I have to feather the throttle. It seems like it is flooding. Once I get it going, it runs great at high speed. I have turned down the slow speed screw but it is still doing this. Does anyone know what this could be?


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    2000 RPM is too fast for idle. It should be around 1250-1350. If it has to be that hi to prevent stalling, something is wrong.

    1. check the carb sync. Make sure they all open exactly the same amount at the same time.

    2. check your low speed screw adjustment. Make sure they are all identical and set to spec. Somewhere around 1 full turn OUT from a LIGHTLY seated position.

    3. remove the flame arrestor cover and watch the carb throats while idleing. Is their a carb dripping fuel?

    4. Did you check the jetting against the manual specs? NEVER assume the previous owner knew what they were doing. We've seen many hack jobs done by previous owners.

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