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    Talking Basic Q's - Mikuni 3 outlet fuel pump install - 95 750 - PLEASE help

    I'm in need of some basic help please. I've read all I can find from this site on this but I'm still looking for some important information. I've seen the diagrams of the routing and I understand them, but on doing the job there are some basics that I can't seem to find

    1. Do I have to take the bank of carbs off the engine to do this? If so does ot come off as a sigle bank and what bolts are removed?

    2. Do I need to repalce any gaskets in doing this, or can I just use permatex to re-seal?

    3. Can I mount the new pump in the same location as the old? I've read some places it should be mounted lower. ??

    4. Do I run each line off the new pump over the top of the carbs to connect to each one? If not how shoudl I route?

    5. To "Plug" the other sides what do I use?

    On the routing diagrams what is the half circle (lower half) where the two lines cross and the one dips down (half circle ) are these lines connected at all or separate. I'm gueesing separate but don't koww why the half circle.

    It would really help if there were any actual pictures of a plumbed motor to see. Also for non ski folks like me it would be helpful to know that the small clear tubes going to the nozzels that go into the carbs are for the oil injection as that one I had to figure out.

    Anything else that a newbie to Ski's woudl need to know about this project. I have the new pumps and hose and started to tackle this but then hit the wall and needed to ask the experts which is why I'm here.

    thanks much!!! reallly want to get these on the lake again soon. Have 2 to do.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	368186I used the same mounting location as the old pump and it worked out fine had to do some tweaking though. If I remember correctly and Im no expert I ran each new hose supplied by John Zigler with the triple outlet pump to each individual carb one at a time. If your carburators are installed might be a little harder. I had to think about it 1 line straight from the pump to each carb, instead of one carb filling another carb and finally the last carb. This is a working triple outlet pump on my motor. Sorry my camra sucks but I hope this helps. The caps for the hoses I think were supplied when I bought the pump. I had rebuilt my carburators when I installed mine so they were off the ski. I would hope you did all the upgrades to the fuel system as recommended here on the hulk. I was stuburn and didn't do all the recomendations and have paid the price for it.

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    Djay - Thanks much!! this helps

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