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    can't find exhaust leak on '95 Polaris 750 SLT

    I have a 1995 Polaris SLT 750 PWC that leaks exhaust into the hull. I have checked the exhaust manifold gaskets, hoses, water box, clamps and everything looks ok. Is there anyway to determine where the exhaust is coming from? Is the assembly at the back (name?) where the exhaust exists the craft a potential problem location? I'm not sure how to test or work on this component.

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    How are you checking? Just eyeball, or actually removing hoses and inspecting?

    Often there are telltale black streaks or carbon around the leak area. Sometimes a rubber exhaust hose splits and opens up only when the engine is running under load, but does not leak at idle on the trailer.

    If you have not done so yet, I suggest removing as many of the large rubber exhaust hoses as possible and inspect the hoses tip and bottom, inside and out. While you have the exhaust hoses off, check inside for signs of overheat, blistering or delamination.

    Remove the waterbox so you can check underneath.

    It is easier to detect problems if the hull interior is clean. Be careful not to get water spray inside the engine air intake. Cover up the engine exhaust opening(s) if you have some pieces removed during the cleaning.

    Another test method is to remove the seat, strap the hull to the trailer front and rear and back it down the launch ramp. Now you can run the engine as much as needed to locate the leak since the jet pump intake is in the water. You can even apply throttle as needed while watching the engine area.

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    I had one where the waterbox had a tiny hole rubbed right through on the bottom. Never would have seen it without physically pulling the box and looking.

    Also, old trick:

    Start it up and fog the shit out of it while a buddy puts a little back pressure on the hull exhaust outlet with his hand and a rag. Usually the exhaust leak will expose itself very quickly. Old trick....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyA View Post
    I had one where the waterbox had a tiny hole rubbed right through on the bottom. Never would have seen it without physically pulling the box and looking.
    I was thinking the same thing. I seem to recall there was one year/model that had been recalled due to the water box rubbing on the hull. Of course I forget exactly which ski had that problem.


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    My 94 SLTs have that issue...... The ski came stock with some rubber strips stuck to the hull. They moved. The 95 was the same hull, basically.

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