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Thread: Tool needed

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    Tool needed

    Where can you purchase the star pattern wrench for the oil filter?

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    just use a 1/4" socket

    edit: whoops, wrong kind of bolt huh. I bought mine at harbor freight.

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    use a 12 point socket... works like a charm. i forget exactly what size.

    these "stars" are called torx bolts, so you need a set or torx sockets if u want to wrench on the skis alot. for the basics, 12 sided sockets work fine

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    Sears sells the Torx socket set for $20.

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    I cant stand craftsman tools. The socket wrenches especially. I suppose the torx would be fine if you are not using them that often.

    I had plenty people say to me, they are good and if they break you have a lifetime guarentee. I say so what to the guarentee when the back or your hand is bleeding from the wrench breaking.

    I have had more knucklers then I care to count until I wised up and bought some real tools. I know they are expensive but you cant really go wrong with snap-on or mac ( I use S&K socket wrenches too) and they are worth it. (just my opinion for what it is worth)

    I dont really do much wrench turning anymore anyway since I got out of the aircraft mechanic business (which sucked).

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    Thanx fellas

    Sears here I come.

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