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    2015 VX Warning light on

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I hurt my engine once again lol. Today I was flushing and I completely forgot to turn the engine on first instead of the water. The water was maybe on for 2 seconds before I got the engine started and then my warning light and beeper came on and on the dash it said Check Engine. I continued to flush and then turned it off and then waited for the dash to turn off and then started it and the warning still came on. Now its been about 30 min and it starts and runs without the warning light or anything. How would I check if theres water in the engine? Would there be water in the oil?

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    no it's something else,do a search there was a way to bring up problem codes
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    no it's something else,do a search there was a way to bring up problem codes
    I don't have a select button.

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