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    Differences between jet pump nozzles and comparment strut?

    Newbie to polaris.

    Im in need of a replacement nozzle. Im looking at buying one off a slx780 will it fit a SLH?

    Also im in need of a gas strut for the front compartment anyone know where i can get one from?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    The Polaris pumps where all very similar after 1994, before that they used a smaller pump. around 95-96 they added the extension with longer drive shaft, but stuck with the same size pump, all the way threw to the MSX's so there should be NO issue with an SLX 780 to an SLH. Except obviously the prop.

    I will add, some of the Stators changed from a 5 vane aluminum to a 6 vane stainless steel.
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    Thanks for your advise, its from a 96 they look the same, the only difference i can tell between them is that some of the wedges have 1 silver pipe going through the nozzle wedge and others have 2. I dont need the impellar module its just the wedge and trim nozzle after.

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