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    750 big pin hesitation. New build

    Alright guys, I'm pretty sure I have the problem figured out but I just want to make sure before I start digging in.
    I have a 97 zxi 750. Just rebuilt the entire motor. New crank seals, cylenders were bored 1mm over, head and deck matched, new oversized Pistons, boysen power reeds, both carbs rebuilt.
    Now t starts and idles fine ( a little slow) but once I give it gas I get a serious hesitation/bogg. My guess would be that my issue would be in the mixture screws and I just need to play with the mixture. Also I'm still running a break in mix of 32:1. Could that cause the hesitation just because I'm running a lot of oil?
    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm just worried about running her lean and melting it.
    Please help me!!

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    I run 25:1 for break-in, that's 50:1 pre-mix + oil injection. Extra oil won't cause hesitation. Sounds like the Low speed mixture is off. Choke it a little and see if it gets better. If so, then it's lean. If it gets worse, it's too rich.

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    Simple enough. Thanks for the reply.

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