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    Help, starting issues with stx15f

    Hi wonder if anybody could please help. Had my kawasaki stx15f for two years now, took it for a rude out and after being left on its side when the tide went out I could restart it. Towed back to slipway and it started. If I pull it out the garage it will normally start but once it's been running it doesn't wanna restart unless left for ages. I have checked all sensors like cam and crank and replaced water temp sensor, found a snapped off oil pressure sensor which I replaced and done oil and filter whilst at it. Got spark at each cylinder and pulled injector rail and cranked over and got spray pattern at each sensor. Was wondering what to check now and any advise or opinions would be highly helpful, thanks

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    Its a very common issue, do some googling for the in depth take on it but its a heat soak issue with the water temp sensor. Ive just been taking the seat off and letting it cool down whenever i can to much success. kind of sucks, sometimes takes 30 or 40 minutes, but it will start everytime,, eventually after it cools off.

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