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    Giving some feedback over Limp Mode

    First I want to thank everyone for the wealth of information that is shared on this site. I have used it many times but have never registered or posted. My first time reading here was the dreaded oil ingestion. I had the duh moment when I saw there was no oil on the dipstick and was scared and overfilled it. 2 map sensors later and a lot of cussing, I got her back running. That was probably 4 years ago. Really my ski has been very reliable till this last season I was limited at 5100 rpm and a CEL. I changed both maps and tried checking my boost. MAPs didn't change anything and I figured I had a CEL that was bogus and needed to be cleared. Well after trying to develop a way to do that for a couple months, I figured what the heck try changing the wastegate solenoid. I replaced it with the pierburg one for a volvo and whattdoyaknow... she runs like a scalded dog again. Thank you all again for your help. I just wanted to give some feedback on my situation in case it might help others.

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    Thanks for joining. Always nice to hear how others have been helped!

    Which Pierburg part number did you purchase for the replacement watergate solenoid?

    Which model MSX do you have?

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    B75001 TechSmart/Turbocharger Boost Solenoid

    I have a 2004 MSX 150

    Unfortunately the wiring harness did not matchup, but I used jumpers and some stakon crimpons to fix that without cutting the wiring harness in case it didn't work. It was actually the techsmart version

    TechSmart/Turbocharger Boost Solenoid

    Part Number: B75001
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    The one I bought (Pierburg) was plug and play:

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