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    Question 2002 and 2005 FX140 ECU's - will they interchange

    I have a 2005 FX140 (not HO) that has an ECU of Yamaha part number 60E-8591A-20-00 and it is holding my number 2 injector open all the time. I have access to a 2002 FX140 ECU that has a Yamaha part number of 60E-8591A-01-00. What do these next to last two numbers represent? Will these interchange since neither is an HO model? Both of these look alike and have the 44 pin connectors.

    Any help here will be greatly appreciated. I need back on the water!!!

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    I am not a 100% but I belive it will work. I know from 02 to 05 there were small changes that made the motor more efficient, but over all I would think it would be OK.

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    The early FX140's had external coil packs 2002-04 and 2005 through the end of production had coils in head on spark plug so ECU's don't interchange properly if I remember correctly.

    I may have one for your year ski.

    PM me for more info,


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    I forgot about that Lil detail....

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