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    2002 polaris virage i won't start

    Hi all, 2002 Polaris virage I would almost start then die. Had low fuel pressure. Replace fuel pump and now have 23 psi fuel pressure. Started up and idled a while, had a slight bog on accel. Put it in the water and dies and won't start. Starts out of the water. Came back the next day and now will start out of the water and run approx. 10 secs and die. Have fuel pressure, spark, compression, 20 plus volts at red white cranking. Had 44 volts when it did run. Also when it was running the plugs came out sooted, like it is running rich. Jumped lr503 module, no change. Talked to dfi, they think its mechanical. Pulled crank sensor, had the 3 ribs on flywheel with cyl 1 at tdc. Help. Seems like timing to me. I do have a computer hooked up and only thing I noticed was the sync keeps going back and forth from true to false. I thinks its an emm problem but not sure.

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    Certainly the EMM requires that the mechanical aspects of the engine be good, including intake reeds, compression, exhaust not blocked, etc. Make sure the correct spark plugs are installed.

    Has this EMM ever been repaired? If not, there is a strong possibility it now needs repair as some internal EMM components degrade over time.

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