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    Ultra 150 Speed sensor not working

    Just joined. Great site..

    I brought a 99 ultra 150. Fuel gauge did not work or the mph.

    I replaced the fuel sensor. (ouch$$) and that works now.

    I replaced the speed sensor and it worked for about 10 minutes then quit again.

    I just ordered another replacement, but would like to see if it is a short or?

    Any ideas?


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    Check the connectors for corrosion/loose pins.

    You think that sensor is expensive? Wait until you have to buy the display! It is a real good idea to remove the display, remove the plug on the back, and seal it and the wires with 3M 5200 Fast Cure. Those rubber plugs dry out with age and don't seal.

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    Speed Sensor Fault

    I've read over the repair manual on how to fault find the speed sensor. It simply says spin the paddle wheel and check the display for any readings. I was wondering if anyone knows the kind of voltage i should be seeing on the cables going to the sensor? I disconnected the speed sensor connector under the seat and put my multi metre on the terminals and it read 4v. Is this acceptable voltage? If it is then i would say the speed sensor itself has S*** itself.


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