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    newb zxi 1100 running bad even after rebuild

    Just got it this summer took it out 10 times maybe and it would never go over 45 mph.. then checked plugs looked fine and rear cyl ended up with a large hole in it (looks like head gasket failed). So rebuilt it today with new head. wont go over 10 MPH without the choke on???? got upto 30 for a short bit I didn't wanna beat on it with new piston and rings, so any idea what might cause this? maybe oil injection failing on one cyl. or air screw out of wack? I did sync the carbs and choke. the previous owner had the fuel pump rebuilt. Also the black slide for the CV I am guessing had some deep wear marks in it..

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    Have you disassembled and cleaned the carbs?

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    You haven't checked the oil lines?

    Does the carb slide move easily? Have you done a compression test?

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    I did not clean the carbs the guy I got it from said he tore them down and cleaned them this year. doing a compression check later today, it did something similar before and had good compression. slides are all moving good I did take the scraped up one apart and checked it out it was in good working order and I tossed a little oil on the slide and needle

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    I don't think oil would be a good thing to put on the slide. It would probably make it sticky.

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    i might toss new plugs in it and take it to the lake, see how they are burning. It seemed like low end was rich and mid and top end were lean. like i said past 1/2 throttle i had to use 1/2 choke. so i assume i would have to adjust out the high speed mixture screw and make sure both jets are clean if i tear into the carbs.

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    compression was 110, 110, 105 carbs were very clean ( a little bit of debris on top of the slide) i dont know where the pilot screw is and how to tighten the nut on the spring loaded needle for the main jet??

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    if u have to use choke, stop right now.

    Choke required = lean, possibly air leak =

    Never believe what a previous owner said he did

    Yes I agree oil lines need attention as a maintenance issue, but that aint your problem as it wont stop it going over 10mph

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