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    New to PWC, bought a 1997 STX 900 and have a Jet Pump problem

    I bought a 1997 stx 900. Decent shape for $900. Took it out 3 times and on my last time it started grinding really bad from the rear. I took it out of the water pretty soon but it wouldn't turn over without grinding super bad and getting almost hung up in the back. I pulled the jet pump off and the impeller stayed on the driveshaft. It's pretty clear that I will need to rebuild the jet pump but I am concerned that the standard rebuild kits aren't going to get it done. The wear ring looks pretty scarred but many people say you can't replace them on this pump. The impeller doesn't look so great either. I am on a tight budget and want to just throw bearings in it and go but am unsure it that is going to cause me cavitation problems. What do you guys think? I'll upload some pics below. Thanks
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    You're probably going to need to pick up a used pump and impeller from eBay. Look for one no scoring inside and an impeller that doesn't have any dings in it. That is going to be your cheapest way out.

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    Or just run it and see. If it cavitates then you know. Others will probably know better, but I don't think you will do any damage just trying. It's a matter of how much of a budget you're on. For me, my time is cheap so I do my own wrenching and just try stuff and spend the money only if I have to. If you're paying someone to do the wrenching, then that's a different story. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have at least a little cavitation but hard to say. Good Luck!

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    Impeller is jacked, shaft is junk, needs a bearing/seal kit, housing is pretty torn up. You will be way ahead by getting a complete used pump. Shaft and bearing kit alone is $90

    This one doesn't look too bad and is a good price. May need to straighten the impeller up a little.

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