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    Buying advice: 2015 or 14 Kawa 310x se vs 2015 yamaha fx sho cruiser

    Hi. I'm looking to buy some new toys. Wife and I are longtime boaters and want to buy some skis. Use will be almost all in the salt, ocean off nj. We want power and the toys, but also a stablessing ride. Suspect we will spend at least some time trying to fish as well. Anyway, researchEd these models a bit, and looking for advice. I'm able to source both at about the same price. Thought about one of each but don't really want to have different maintenance processes. Seems like the 310x is better in rough water, but have not seen much on the sho vs the svho. Any hints? 14 310x is about same price as 15 yama, and it seems the 15 Kawa is a few bucks more. Thanks!!!

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    If it's going to be almost exclusively offshore riding, I'd go with the Kawi. They're better in chop and probably more stable. Also, the SVHO have had timing chain issues that blow up the motor.

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