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    LX210 engine mods or engine swap? What's available?

    Soooo I'm getting the itch to play with my LX. I am familiar with the Group K work and was going to maybe bump up the performance a bit this winter with the sleeper mods. Then I started thinking maybe an engine swap?

    What engine swaps are available? I didn't really want to go 4 stroke but stay light and 2 stroke....unless a way better 4 stk option exists. Any better jet ski motors from Yamaha swap over easily or maybe the AR1800 motors? I'm not familiar with them but they already have a large Hp increase over the LX210 motor. Maybe I'll just build motors and swap them out at some point.

    i see a Yamaha 1.8 was that an option?

    What kind of longevity do most get from these motors hour wise??? This boat is a bone stock, premix converted 2003 with 120-130 hrs on it. It runs great but top speed seems like maybe it's slipping a bit. I was going to rebuild the carbs just for preventative maintenance and maybe do the sleeper just to freshen the top end. The main loss of speed, if any, is probably the stock props/housing after 12 years but I figured the boat always runs tip-top so let's keep it that way before something happens!

    Really, I'm just getting nervous....nothing runs this good for this long! If I take it out it sits WOT 7000 rpm the entire time I drive it.

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    What's the difference between the LX210 motors and the GPR1200/1300 motors?

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