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    STX1100 running hot

    Water is NOT coming out of engine cooling discharge port while engine is running.
    Does it have a separate water pump to cool engine?
    if yes where is the pump located?
    I assume I can replace the impeller.

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    Welcome aboard, CRH1958!

    Was it squirting water while riding, then stop? Or did it not squirt from the time you put it in the water? Was steam coming out?

    It's pretty common for bugs to get into the pisser outlet and nest during storage. If this is the case, you will have to remove the discharge nozzle and you'll probably have to clean the hose, too. Use a piece of weedeater line.

    If it stopped squirting while riding, or if steam was coming out, you probably have a blockage in the pump itself or the supply hose. The jet pump has a port which provides cooling water.

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    Thanks. I'll try to clean the line.

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