Having all sorts of trouble out of this RFI. The maintenance light will not go off. Continue to get "intake air pressure sensor above limits" code. Here is a list of what I have tried so far..

1. Swap sensor with known good used one.
2. Check wiring harness from sensor to MPEM. (All wires good continuity less than 1 ohm)
3. Check for corrosion on sensor teminals and MPEM terminals. All clean.
4. Swap MPEM with known good MPEM.

Not sure what else to do here. Every part of that sensors "system" is in good working order. The ski really seems to run pretty decent, sounds fine, no limp mode. The main issue with this problem is the maint light will not go off. If I clear all active codes, it takes about 5 seconds to pop back on after started. After that it comes right on as soon as the ski starts. I can hold the set button down and the maint light will go off once the ski is running but if I kill it and start it again it comes right back on. I'm ready to pull my hair out of my head so any ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

*EDIT* All fuses are good, and I put a dab of dielectric grease on the connectors.