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    Just picked up my 1st 4 Tec.. 2006 RXP Stock..need ideas

    I currently know the wear ring needs changing and im curious what else I though go ahead and order..

    New Prop?

    Which wear ring?

    Seeing several on Ebay..

    Anything else thats mandatory.?

    I notice at wot take off i see 8300 rpms but riding never gets over 8100 after out of the hole ?

    Thanks guys

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    Im going to to with the OEM wear ring..

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    Need to find out if have the sodium filled valves or not. If you do they need to be changed asap. They will break and destroy the motor without warning Also make sure you don't have ceramic washers on the supercharger. I know it sucks spending that much money but if you don't it will cost way more later . Fly wheel bolts are known to snap as well. I would consider those 3 items mandatory .

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    How would i find this out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davdoc0011 View Post
    How would i find this out?

    You can take the valve cover off and look at the side of the valve stem near the tip. There should be a number on there, bad ones start with 72.

    Flywheel bolts I would not get too hanged up on. Plus, don't 2006 have improved ones? The list of things that could fail is long, just ride and enjoy as long as SC is rebuild.

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    There's a sticky in the how to section on valves and also superchargers that show the different washers and shafts. I thought the bolts were updated in 07 but could be wrong.

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    Riva Intake grate ordered

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    Kanaflex 4" intake + Catch Can? Riva or DIY

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    Thinking about that...Are there any gains associated with that?

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