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    '00 GP1200R - What would you do next to get more speed?

    Thanks in advance everyone, I can't get enough of this forum, and thank you to those of you who have already helped me.

    My best speed is 64.3 GPS with the following setup:

    2000 GP1200R
    -Flame arrestors
    -chokes removed
    -carbs rejetted and tuned
    -D-plate and chip
    -Cowling opened on right side
    -indexed plugs
    -Solas Concord 13/19

    Possible things to do next?
    Intake grate?
    Ride plate?
    Head milling?

    Tell me how to go faster! I want to get 70 before winter...

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    All 3 of the remaining items are right on track to get that magic 70. Good Luck:0

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    what exactly is the "cowling opened right side" pics? info? thanks and where can you get the indexers for plugs thanks again

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    The left side cowling has a slot cut in in the side/bottom to let air flow into the hull. People have been cutting open the right side one to increase airflow and rpm's.

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    What's your compression and rpm's?

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    Indexing washers can be bought on amazon. Here is the ones I used for my plugs:

    Make sure you get the ones for your type of plug (tapered or flat). As for the cowling being cut open, just look under the colored portion of the cowling just behind the gas cap. You can see its covered by rubber. Just cut it to match the other side to force more air into the engine and lower your frontal cross section.

    @howardrya, my compression is about 115ish across all cylinders. RPMs are about 7100-7200 at WOT.

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    Okay I'll have to check out that piece under my cowling, thanks for the info. And as per the index rings. Tapered or flat? Im a diesel mechanic not used to working with spark plugs lol.

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    If you've got a 2000 like me then they are flat. Just take a look at the seat to see if its either flat (90 degree angle to the threads) or tapers to a wider diameter.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Does anyone have any idea what intake grate would be best for top speed?

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