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    2004 FXHO Power Issue

    Need help. I have a 2004 Yamaha FXHO that comes out of hole shot up to 14mph fine, then jumps to 9000rpm without power passing to ski. If I back off throttle and then ease on throttle it runs fine up to 55 mph. Not sure why it is unable to go straight out of hole to max rpm. Any suggestions on what problem could be will be appreciated.

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    Just wanted to share my problem resolution with others. It appears the rubber gasket in the rear of the 2nd cavitation plate was totally gone. I installed a new Yamaha gasket today and that fixed my problem.

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    Thanks for posting this

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    2004 FXHO Power Issue

    The impeller housing could be bad. Typically issue on the older fx skis. Of course so can the impeller.

    Intake grate might need some attention as well

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