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    New Riders - Seadoo vs Yamaha - My Opinion

    Just writing this thread for people who are new and looking to purchase a personal watercraft. I am just a casual family rider...not into trying to do 100 MPH or a lot of tricks. Also, its just my opinion so don't be hatin!

    Last year I bought a brand new 2014 Yamaha Waverunner VX Cruiser. I sold that with 14 hours on it and bought a 2015 Sea Doo GTI 130 and thought I would share my experience with all those people wondering what to go with - Yammi or BRP.

    For the record I am a Yamaha person, and I have been for a long time. I like the foreign brands...I drive Honda vehicles and have Yamaha snowmobiles and Yamaha outboard engines, Yamaha snowblower. I swear by them, which is why I thought buying the Waverunner was a no-brain'r. The engine on the Waverunner is superior to that of the BRP but not by much. Yammi engine has more top speed and is smooth as silk when its on the water. Yamaha know how to build an engine. The BRP engine is not bad by no means but I have to say its not what the Yammi engine is IMO. On a scale of 1-10, if the Yammi engine is a 10 the BRP is an 8 or possibly even a 9.

    Yamaha is open loop cooling and BRP is closed cooling. Some might say if in salt water the BRP is much better due to closed loop cooling. However, I see Yamaha outboard engines being cooled by salt water all the time without issues. If its maintained and flushed after salt water use, you can't beat the Yamaha engine. Even BRP loyalists will probably agree with that!

    The big divide on these machines is the quality of the hull. There is just no real comparison in IMO. The hull on the Waverunner is fragile and not well balanced. The nanoexcel hull is junk. With 14 hours on my Waverunner the gelcoat was coming off. The Waverunner also leaked a little which was annoying as hell. The Waverunner does ride quite stable and lower in the water whereas the Sea Doo rides more on top of the water and is a looser ride. However, after 4 hours of riding on the Sea Doo I don't really notice anymore. In rough water conditions the Sea Doo is far superior than the Waverunner...can't even compare the two. The Sea Doo is much more "fun" and a totally different experience to drive. The Yammi is comfortable for touring for sure, but when stopped it is quite unstable. With two people on the machine I didn't want to move around too much as it felt like we would flip it over.

    If the hull of the Sea Doo is a 10 the Yammi is a 4 or 5. No comparison. As much as I hate to say it the Sea Doo is far superior in hull design.

    If someone could put the Yamaha engine in a Sea Doo...they would have quite the machine on their hands! Until Yamaha is able to put some engineering into their hull designs I would stay away for now.
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    Can't really argue with what you said, all solid points

    To this day, I still can't believe Yamaha is using the NanoCrackCel term as a selling point. Even hardcore Yamaha owners walk on egg shells when it comes to their hull.

    I buy a ski because of the hull (handling & build). Thus I've historically stayed with SeaDoo (sitdowns). The one problem SeaDoo has had since they first came out ('8 is the paint on engine. It's always been crap!

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    I also forgot to mention....The Yamaha warranty is one year with a hefty cost to buy extended warranty. The SeaDoo has three year warranty, with a $50.00 deductible after year 1.


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    The seadoo is also one year warranty. The 3-year B.E.S.T extended warranty costs extra that often times a dealer with throw it into the deal. When someone buys a SeaDoo at a boat show, you can get a 5-year as part of the deal (at least here in FL).

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    Interesting....the dealer never told me that...they just said 3 year warranty. Yamaha warranty was an extra $800.00 for the additional 2 years.

    Might be different here is the frigid Canadian waters....20 - 30 hours a year on a PWC is a lot here

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    I'm not new to PWC, however, I really appreciate you taking the time to discuss the differences between the two leading machine on the market (IMO). I am currently researching the SHVO and GTX 215 and GTI Limited 155 ('13 & '14 models) for my next year upgrade from my 07 GTI 130 SE.

    Sanfish - thanks for mentioning the warranty options in conjunction with boat shows. I definitely will have to try and attend the next boating show within reasonable distance.

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