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    Am I missing a hose?

    Hello Guys I have a Virage 2001 but have not yet used it as it needed repairing. I am almost ready to go but need some more advice. when I remove the seat underneath at the front is a hole (just beneath the steering console sheath) it has a black surround and passes straight into the hull obviously to allow air in for the engine. Should there be a pipe attached to this and down into the bilge so that if the craft capsizes it doesn`t let water in?

    I have checked the parts catalogue and the workshop manual but still been unable to ascertain whether there should be a pipe on there or not.

    My old Yamaha was a lot smaller and easy to capsize and right again, this ski looks a lot bigger and wider does it self right? or is it just not so easy to flip over?

    Any advice or help much appreciated as always.

    Thanks Pogle.

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    There should be two ventilation fittings under the steering shroud. One is tucked up higher than the other, on opposite sides of the hull. Each should have a flex hose running from the fitting down into the lower hull. Typically one hose is routed down each side of the fuel tank.

    If your engine is a three cylinder then I suggest adding a third vent as the stock two are not quite enough. On my own three cylinder Virage I could see the seat get sucked down when I blipped the throttle on the trailer, before I added a three hull vent.

    These machines are quite stable on the water and hard to roll over, but it can happen.

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