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    Looking at rebuilding a 2001 GP1200R

    I have a chance to get a 2001 GP1200R for $300. It has 200 hours on it and needs a new piston.I've been searching around for some information and I have a few questions.

    - Is this a good price?
    - Are these skis typically reliable? I have heard and seen that Yamahas are just bulletproof. Wondering about this one.
    - How hard are these to work on? I plan on purchasing a manual of course
    - Convert to premix?
    - I understand these top out around 65. How is the acceleration of it though?
    - Suggested mods?

    Thank you!

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    That's a steal if the ski is in good shape and needs just a top end. They are very good machines and should have no issues after the rebuild

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    That is steal if all engine & ski are intact. They are very fast 60 to 65 is well within their performance range. Even if you have to do a top end rebuild still good deal. Good luck

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