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    1998 kawasaki 1100 zxi water in cylinder head???

    we have a 1998 zxi 1100 that sank about half way, we pulled the drain plug, tried to start and it would not. pulled the spark plugs and it turns over weak and some water comes out of the spark plug holes, what do we do?? new to jet skis and have no idea!!

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    Did this happen today? If so, you need to get the water out NOW!!! Water in the crankcase will cause the crankshaft/rod bearings to rust in a day or two, more quickly in salt water.

    Removing the plugs and cranking is exactly what you should do. Make sure to ground the spark plugs on the grounding lugs to prevent possible damage to the ignition box. You said it 'turns over weak', so you may have a weak battery. It's also possible that water got into the starter. Use jumper cables if you have to. After is sprays most of the water out, rinse the plugs in solvent (gasoline) and dry them. Re-install them and put on the plug wires, then try to start it. You may have to put a teaspoon of fuel down the carbs.

    After you get it running, you really need to run it in the water, if possible. If not, run it on the hose for about 15 minutes. Remember, when running on the hose, NEVER allow the water to run unless the engine is running. Start the engine, turn on the water. Turn off the water, turn off the engine.

    It's also possible that water may have gotten into the electrical box, the front cover on the engine, etc., depending on how long it was submerged.

    Get to work on it tonight! I can't stress this enough!

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    thank u that was very helpful

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