Hadn't ran it in 2 years since it gave me problems with not starting and then only running on 2 cylinders, the center cylinder had no spark. Swapped in a CDI this summer and it fired up and seemed to run fine, so I took it out on the river and it was only running on 2 cylinders. It felt like it wanted to pick up the 3rd but just wouldn't. Changed plugs, no difference. I could see a faint spark on the center cylinder and it was intermittent. Hooked up another set of coils/plug wires, no change. Today I did the Hall Effect sensor check. Red & Green wires from the stator (mag & PTO) go to 20-25 ohms and then back to infinite as I hand spin the shaft. The blue wire (center cylinder) will go to 20-25 ohms, but then drops to 5-8 ohms and not infinite. I tested this in the battery box and at the wiring harness plug (using pins). I think my only option is to pull the motor to be able to pull the flywheel to inspect it and the stator and see if there is anything visibly wrong, and most likely replace the stator. Any other suggestions before I go for it?