Long story short. This boat sat for a super long time. Water entered hull and whole 9. So pull intake tubes, supercharger, intake and cleaned it all out. Rebuilt supercharger and a lot of blown fuses. Oil in it looked new. Changed oil and backed into the water. Ran the boat 30 mins on trailer no problem. Called it a day and came home.

The next weekend. Changed oil and filter. Looks good and engine and sc sound great. Pull it off and drive around some. Not full throttle just leveled out and cruise. Stopped checked oil and looked for any leaks. No problems yet. Ride around for prob 2 hours at various throttles. Volt light came on. Thought no prob I'll look into it once I get home. Hooked my volt meter to battery and kept an eye on it and cruised another hour. Still no major problems yet. Cruising 34/35 ish on gps and ran through a little seaweed. Still no prob and boat acted fine.

Problem came 20-30 mins later when I idled into the dock and shut engine off. Tied boat then got my truck and trailer. Ran back over to get the boat. Put key on and soon as I start. Constant beep and temp light is on and in limp mode. I limp over to trailer and load up.

I've looked it over. Coolant level is fine and good looking coolant. Had some debris in the exhaust ball I think from sitting. Pulled it. No biggie. Pull big hose off water box and see it water passing over the exhaust temp sensor. Yes it did when I started it up.

Im leaning towards thermostat or water pump? Blockage else where? Any help would be great. By the way. Boat has less than 10 hours on it. But has sat in storage 7 years.