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    I was checking in the store, and noticed that of the two impellers offered for the SPARK, there seems to be quite a pitch difference between the two, although they oth say are for mildly modded skis..

    SKAT offers a 12/14
    SOLAS offers a 12/17

    is one for a terbo SPARK and one for a 'tuned' SPARK?
    I am no pro at impellers, but the SPARK is going to need one soon enough.

    soooooo, whats the diff. here?

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    I have the solas, i really like it and would highly recommend it together with a ss wear ring. Better acceleration, no cavitation and same top speed with lower rpm

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    This will not help you much but, I purchased the solas 12/17 first and it produced less cavitation, and now I just installed the stainless steel wear ring and I noticed a difference in my whole shot when coming out of a spin. My spark went to 90 degrees so their was a noticeable difference... I know that does not answer your question but food for thought, when I learn more I will let you know.... The only bad thing is I noticed my SS wear ring rotated a little bit when I had it out today and that is a big concern for me..... I am going to call riva on Monday....

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