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    99 GP1200 Wakeup after very long storeage

    Want to hit the lake on my 99 GP1200,which has not been ran in 7 yrs,I did winterize it back then.I plan to drain the fuel, premix the new fuel for the first couple of tanks.A new battery and an ounce of two cycle oil in the cylinders.Is there anything I'm missing?

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    check the fuel line and hose. my hose break after 2 years storage.

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    Its going to be a project! I was thinking about pulling the carbs and cleaning them.I had installed a Pro-Tec wakeup kit early on,so I've been there before. While I have the intake off,Im going to fog the casing while turning the engine over by hand. I just need to get the ski out of the back yard and into the garage and build a cart!

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