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    wake pro 250 rpm low?

    Hey guys been lurking here for a while and finally signed up.

    I am the original owner of a 2013 Wake Pro (215) with 49 hours, which is currently running quite sluggish. acceleration is down, top speed is down to 63 (from 67).
    It only revs to 7800 rpm, sometimes only 7700.

    I still have warranty but my dealer is a long drive away so i'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I searched here but only found guys running 2000 rpm or more off the mark.

    It has been warm here (high 80's), but I am riding in Canada (cooler than most areas of the USA) so that can't be the issue.
    Ski has run great except my MAT sensor went last year (changed it myself thanks to a thread on this forum), and needed new plugs for first service (idle was a bit rough)

    I do run it #$%$%ng hard, but I do not abuse it.
    Freshwater only and I've started flushing whenever I have a clean hose connection.

    I'm thinking it's too early/too little drop for SC washers yet?
    Bad sensor maybe, but its been 3-4 hours like this (touring with g/f and didn't notice so much) and I haven't gotten any codes or lights.
    Intercooler issues?
    I'm pretty comfortable with the 91 octane fuel I use, and regularly run ISO-Heat to keep water out, but I cannot see that making that much difference.

    I'm used to seeing this ski rev right to target (8040rpm) and then pull back to 8000 cause stupid GPS speed control.


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    Supercharger washers may not have gone but they could be slipping. Check SC slip with torque wrench.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven mace View Post
    Supercharger washers may not have gone but they could be slipping. Check SC slip with torque wrench.
    Thanks Steve, that's what I'm leaning towards. Unfortunately I don't have the time or equipment and while still under warranty the dealer said 2 weeks

    but seriously, 49 hours and needing service?

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