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    What To Buy

    I am needing buy a good compression tester. What kind should I buy. My buddy had one from Auto Zone and it was junk. What brand do I need to look for. Thanks

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    I was going to suggest Proto, but their new ones are made in China. I'd probably go with Snap On.

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    +1 snap on..find a slightly older one on ebay. Pricey but you gets what you pay for. Mine came with a couple of adapters back in 1-9-8-2 and is still going strong.

    buy it it right.

    I only spend good money these days on stuff I can't drop into the bottom of a mucky hull.

    Oh yeah, I STILL use a 10/11 snap on box wrench also purchased in '82. In 2-15 bucks it has to be at least $50..but it's made me a bucket of cash over the last<33>years ( that long?)

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