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    Supercharger Downgrade 2006 GTX SC?

    I know most folks always want to go faster, but for kid use and reliability, I wanted to ask about the feasibility and if anyone had removed the supercharger to return the motor to the stock 155Hp and just leave it normally aspirated. 155hp would be fine. Or maybe I leave one ski with the SC and one without.

    Doable? if so, what is the general outline of the process?


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    A simpler solution is to have them use the Learning Key.

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    It's not just the supercharger. The computer is expecting to have a supercharger downstream for the fuel mixture ratios. I haven't checked on your model, but the fuel injectors may need changing as well. I'd go with jpt779's suggestion and see if they made a learning key for your model. You'll save a whole lot of headache and $$ that way. Good luck.

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    Thanks guys. The seller on the supercharger units didn't work out, but I hope to be picking up a 97 spx at this stage. So far looks good with just the two short fuel lines to the carbs still having the grey fuel lines, which I understand I need to swap out and possibly replace/hack the fuel sensor/baffle/sending unit.

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