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    How to identify Ultra 150 cdi box?

    I bought a 99' Ultra 150, So far I see it has a grate and ride plate thats about it. I take the seat off and the sticker on the airbox cover says to run the R6918C-9, but the number on the ski is a later number. The guy has the R6918C-9 in it now, but gave me a bag with the BR9's in it. He said the guy he bought it from had said theres a better cdi box in it, but also said the pipe is aftermarket and its stock. How can I tell what cdi box is actually in there? Hate to drop $20 a plug for nothing. Thanks

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    There is no harm in running theR6918c-9 in any model year, They are far less prone to fowing. Then no risk of having the wrong plug and melting a piston
    Some people have put years on those plugs, they just don't fail like the br's
    So even if they are $20 per plug, they last a lot longer.
    I'm sure someone will chime in with the part #on the cdi that needs the plugs.

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    Kawasaki doesn't list the part number for the 'old' ignitor. 21119-3757 is the number for the later one.

    I don't follow your statement that 'the pipe is aftermarket and its stock'. What does that mean?

    I still have the old original plugs in mine. Kawasaki got so many complaints about the price of the plugs ($36 in 1999) that they started sending a spare set to owners when they returned their warranty registration cards. I alternate the plugs, clean one set and carry as spares while I run the others.

    I see the current price of those plugs is about $13, not too bad.

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    The pipe comment refers to the guy I bought the ski from said it had a aftermarket exhaust, it was stock actually. So not sure if I can trust his statement of it having a early cdi box or not. Cheapest plug I found was $20. I want to know what actual cdi box it has. By the hin it's a new cdi box.

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    Perhaps it has the stock exhaust with the 'Stinger Mod'. If so, it will have a TEE fitting in the water line that goes through an adjustable valve, then into the exhaust at the back of the engine.

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