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    2 stroke oil in a Vx deluxe

    Neighbor put 2 stroke oil in a VX deluxe and took it out on the lake and told me that it smoked really bad for 30 minutes. I was going to suck the oil out and replace with good oil and filter. Any suggestions of damage or will the oil change fix the problem?

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    The smoke is most likely from over-filling the oil reservoir. Oil change should be all you need. 2 stroke oil is very thin and if anything it flushed the motor nice and clean, Julio...

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    If it was overfilled, then check the air filter. It might be wet with oil.

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    The oil could have foamed and found its way into to intake

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    Drain it, replace it...ive ran em dry more times then I can count. Some dumb ass renter put fuel in one of my oil tanks once....still worked...

    replace oil filter with R&D air filter for a lifetime of perfect use

    napa 1358 filter

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    When you say, "Neighbor put 2 stroke oil in a VX deluxe....." do you really mean "I put 2 stroke oil in a VX deluxe....." haha!

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