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    cheap floating docks????????? help!!!

    are there any cheap pwc docks under 1500 for a single or under 3000 for a double

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    I love my ez port 2i but its not cheap
    my 75lbs daughter can launch the 3 seater
    and it keeps the ride plate out of the water, most don't

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    I see them on Craigslist fairly regularly anywhere from $300-900 depending on the type.

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    Search the net, I've seen them for less than that or at least right around that.

    Be warned that if you get wave action during storms, high winds, or heavy boat traffic there is better options out there. Talking to various dock dealers in my area they only sell them to people who are in rivers or small bay areas that have little wave action during storms, wind, or boat traffic.

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    As stated above, if you live where there is any wave action .... beware. Many times waves come rolling in and bring a lot of crap that lodges in you ski ( exhaust, intake grate & nozzle). Plus not unheard of, is all the slime builds up. Also consider the force it takes to ride upon some of the so called "dry docks", they are hard to mount if they have a decent clearance yup from the water level (hard on skis). If they do not have the higher bow-mount then they sit to low and more wave/water intrusion. I would get a "lift", they are often times even cheaper & protect your ski much better. Good Luck!

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    Check CL you can normally find deals on there.

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    I have EZports... beware all the extras are expensive.. rollers are $140 each and they freeze or fail to often. Connectors are like $150 to join them.. they get pricey.

    And yes i know They are not all the way up in this pick.
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