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    1994 Kawasaki 750ss running away!!! Please help

    Ok my 94ss was recently purchased from a guy that said he put a new motor in it,which it looks new. It was bogging down while riding. I found that issue it was a hole in the muffler causing exhaust fumes to fill the engine bay.Now every time the ski fires up it will not idle it just takes off like you have the throttle wide open. I have taken apart the carburetor 3 times thinking I have got something wrong everything is normal and I have both the high and low screws adjusted properly... Someone please shed some light on this I am new to pwc mechanics.

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    Might be a leek at the intake manifold area or even a crank seal leaking.

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    Had the same issue back when I had a SS in 1993. The gasket between the carb and the intake manifold was missing a small section. When I started it it would run away as you described.

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    none of that.

    somebody pulled the forbidden knob and some debris has clogged the valve, keeping it open with a huge air leak.

    do not touch the knob!

    in all seriousness..welcome aboard.

    you have some work cut out for you, you could have picked a slightly easier first project.

    my very first question....

    did you adjust the carb so the throttle plate was completely closed.

    If so and it's still running away then there is an air leak.

    next question....

    who built the motor?

    lets see some pictures

    this one has money pit written all over it I'm afraid to say.

    Lets get lucky. Post some pics of the engine bay

    Oh yeah..start reading.

    disconnect the battery..we may be taking the carbs off tomorrow

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