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    1999 GSX RFI MPEM blowing the 5 amp fuse

    I got a ski in a few weeks back for electrical service and it turned out it needed an MPEM, it was blowing the 5 amp fuse right away when power was applied to the module. I had a good used one on the shelf I had repaired for the same issue and the owner was in a hurry to take off for vacation so I swapped him modules and finally had time today to work on this one.

    Thought if anyone had a bad one and needed to know where the diode lives to replace it this might help, those aren't cheap modules on the used market and not to hard to repair if you know where to look~on to some pictures:

    Here's the cause of the trouble, bad 6 volt Motorola MR2535L diode

    What we need to replace it with:

    All fixed, note the orientation of the diode arrow and white band if you're doing this at home you don't want to get it backwards:

    Put some power to the module and hook up a beeper and dess post wiring to test it, fuse doesn't blow any more

    And the best part, get it all fixed and hook the CandooPro shop system up to it and find out it's a low hour module. All fixed and ready to get someone else back out on the water with it. Don't be afraid to try fixing these, it's worth the effort!

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    folks, this guy is good at what he does...he helped me get my 96 GTi going to include diagnosing the DESS problem I had along with rebuilding my runs fantastic and has been a blast this year.

    this is some great info that will hopefully save a lot of people a headache and money...the guys peddling used parts won't like it, but why buy a used part that is x years old when you can fix yours that is just as old BUT can still provide useable service life for a fraction of the cost?

    heed this man's advice...he is a guru of all things seadoo!

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    awesome thread, man.....but htf did you remove the potting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyboy76 View Post
    awesome thread, man.....but htf did you remove the potting?
    Like everything else I'd never done (neither had anyone else I knew at the time) there was a learning curve with some trial and error when I first started repairing these for customers. My first few go arounds were with the older style wired MPEM's where the correct side of the module to gain access was exposed to just the rubberized potting and a heat gun and hobby knife worked ok for those.

    On the newer style modules like this rfi, you have to get through the hard outer plastic shell just to chip away at the potting, and I use a dremel tool dialed way down on the speed setting with a small thin carbide bit that tile mason's use to cut out existing grout joints to make a square cut into the plastic and open a window to the potting compound.

    The engraver's bit that comes with most dremel style tools works pretty well to open the plastic up, just doesn't last very long and dulls quickly but would be fine for a one time use scenario.

    I make the four straight lines with the cutter just deep enough to get through the plastic shell, stop and heat it up with the gun and gently pry the plastic up and off exposing the potting.

    From there, I use a hobby knife and small flat blade pocket screwdriver with the tip occasionally run through the flame of a mapp gas torch and those tools peel away the potting without much resistance and you just need to take your time and be patient not to dig too far in or damage any other components the diode is the largest thing in that general area.

    I usually start with the knife and make a shallow cut straight down into the potting along the edges of where the plastic was removed and the flat blade heated screwdriver tip to dig down and remove most of the potting. What you want to avoid when doing one of these is using a heat gun to much as it's possible to generate so much heat in that rubber potting over a wide area of the module it will short the copper circuit legs on the board that carry power and grounds that run alongside each other there's no fixing one if that happens.

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    Hi Waterluvr Im trying to fix my seadoo 1997 gtx 800 it wont start - no crank nothing - Ive checked everything and it all points to the ignition module .
    It has the 278-001-133 I cant see your pics on photo bucket and was looking for some help as I didnt want to have to spend over $300 AU on an arieltek module if it was possible to repair the original unit . Thanks for any help you can pass on

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