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    2003 Polaris 140 Msx starting issues

    Hey guys just purchased a 2003 polaris 140 msx today, compression was good all cylinders were pretty well even at 125 , only thing I noticed was the machine when cold cranks for about 20 -25 seconds before actully firing , has original battery which im going to replace but does any one know any common problems for this issue thanks mark

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    Arrow First things to do with a new-to-you Polaris MSX 140


    There are several common issues and some recommended maintenance items. See my signature link for lots of useful info.

    Your MSX 140 has a Ficht fuel injected engine. Ficht works very differently from automotive fuel injection, do not use automotive thinking when working with a Ficht engine.

    I have posted similar check lists elsewhere, here is a quick summary.

    Reinforce the pressure regulator inside the fuel tank. This is a must do item.
    Purchase a spare TPS sensor. There is no workaround for a bad TPS. A spare TPS is also quite useful for diagnosing problems.
    If not yet done, install a rubber spacer to protect the exhaust temp sensor wires.
    Replace the sensor if the wires are already damaged.
    Sleeve the fuel hoses where they run in the injector brackets.
    Replace all the fuel hoses if any are stiff or abraded.
    Buy a spare for each sensor, just in case. There are only four, any one of which can cause problems if it goes bad.

    There are probably some others I am forgetting, but my signature links will help fill in the blanks.

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