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    Speedster 155hp looses rpm turning

    First post and first abnormality with my new boat. I bought an 08 speedster 155hp. I had the boat out for it's first run and it seemed to work very well. During my second time out. I noticed the boat drops approx 200-300 rpm while turning. I can hear an audible difference in the engine. Problem exists in both directions of turn. I am only moderately moving the wheel.

    My boat is making 7150-7200 rpm WOT. Impeller and wear ring look like brand new. Boat has 165 hrs and was well cared for.

    Is my rpm drop normal?


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    Just speculation on my part but I'd wager that a lot more of the hull is in contact with the water during your turn resulting in insufficient power to maintain rpm. I haven't driven a jet boat but I know from traditional sterndrive that if you want to maintain speed in a turn you're going to have to throttle up.

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