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Thread: any ideas??

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    any ideas??

    ok my polaris has kicked, screamed, and even bit me once or twice trying to put this thing back together. I am almost done (thank god), I was putting the rub rails back on and got back to the back mat area where the corner rails mount over top of it. found out that all of the washers that are made into the mat are gone so they just pull through. any ideas on how to mount it to where it will stay or do i just need to buy another mat?
    by the way its a 99 slx 1050 if i need another mat and you guys know some one who might have one. thanks mudd

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    so no ideas ? what exactly does that back rubber mat do other than keep u from busting ur shins when u fall off?

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    I am not sure I understand what you are talking about.
    Got a pic???

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    maybe you can get a mat kit for a 00-01 1200 and just get rid of that plastic piece .

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    Yah mudd, I may have one.
    I'll need to wait for the word from the insurance company before I pull it though.

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    well i bought the hydro turf mat kit and stuck it on but you have to cut down the old mat because the hydro turf doenst come all the way to the end. yah beerdart i will put some up this evening i am getting my camper ready as its supposed to be 80 here in ohio today!!!!WOO-HOO bought time

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    that would be awesome weatherby thanks if you could keep me posted

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    Hey Mudd, are you from Marietta? If so, so am I. Its a small world.

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    yep i sure am, i have a nice little spot on the river over at frank lanes place in waverly though

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